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Anne Earnest Email

I love your site!  You are awesome!  Can't wait to show my husband, the tip about the garbage desposal is gold.  You also answered my question about deleting stickie notes, thanks! 

Jill Frazier 

Posting your URL to my FB page today. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Nancy. 



I wonder whether you can help me with a peculiar problem that has begun to dog my Mail program.  Both the copy and paste and the delete functions have gone haywire.  When I press cmd-del, it deletes the whole of the line up to the cursor (instead of deleting the next word).  And if I copy text from an email (using keys rather than highlight and move) it can be used only in an email, not in Word or, for instance, in the URL box.  And if I try to copy text into an email, it sometimes pops up in odd places, sometimes not at all.  You can imagine how tiresome all of this is.  I'd be grateful for any help resetting the Mail defaults. 


Thanks --



Christian Boyce 

Your blog is a terrific resource. Thank you.

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